Nursing Theory, Concept And Principles Of Nursing

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Nursing is a science, an art, a helping service and a technology. It is a unique human science and focuses on phenomena related to human health. Nursing science provides the basic of professional nursing care practice. Nursing science will help to analyse and understand the nursing theory, concept and goals of care practice. Goal of nursing is to provide the patient or family member of meeting the patient ‘s self care needs, maintain patient health, recover or regain normal state of health in the event of disease and to stabilize, control or minimize the effect of chronic poor health. According to Watson (1999) nursing is the profession or practice of providing care of the physical, mental and social nature. Chin and Kramer (2004) explain in a theory as a creative and rigorous structuring of ideas that projects a tentative, purposeful, and systematic view of phenomena. Nursing theory also provide critical thinking and clinical decision making process of professional nursing practice. Nursing theory is a concept that explains facts or event.
Florence Nightingale’s wrote about nursing and develop nursing into a profession and support the nursing practice to proper education and lead nursing as a profession at 1859 (Verberk and Kuiper, 2006).
In history Nightingale has been found that poor care for wounded soldiers and poor health. But at the moment, nursing has only few theories that focus on solving health related problem. First nursing theory was published at 1950 based on
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