Online Shopping Background

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1.1.2 Background of Study
In this new era of generation, the numbers of people shopping online has increased significantly throughout the year which give greater impact to the business world. According to Magee (2003), the growth in the number of online shoppers is greater than the growth in Internet users, indicating that more Internet users are becoming comfortable to shop online. This whole new phenomenon of purchasing online kept on increasing due to the existence of the internet that trigger the users to choose the online shopping medium to purchase their items. The Internet, as a mean for both firms and individuals to conduct business, is nowadays one of the most widely used non-store formats (Saprikis, Chouliara and Vlachopoulou, 2010).
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From the customer’s point of view, the Internet (Mehta & Sivadas, 1995) offered the potential advantages of reducing shopping time and money spent. It allowed twenty-four hours a day access, provided perhaps better service, and gave the consumer a perception of control over the shopping experience. The two most commonly cited reasons for online shopping have been convenience and price (Chen and Chang, 2003).
The capability of purchasing without leaving your place is of great interest to many consumers. Online shopping permits the consumer to buy or to purchase online at anytime and anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. Online shopping activities have portray several benefits that could attract online consumer to keep on purchasing online. The potential benefits of online shopping for consumers include convenience, various selection, low price, original services, personal attention, and easy access to information, among others (Lina, Liwei and Dongsong,
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According to Lee and Turban (2001), there is an enormous potential in the use of Internet for the purchase of goods and services but many users are reluctant to make purchases on the Internet. Consumer hesitate to purchase online as they think that online shopping have greater risk involved as they can only depend on what they see on their screen rather than traditional shopping they could get to touch and see the physical goods itself. Not only this, some other issues that prevent consumer from online shopping is the fear of being cheated, the unsecure payment issues, informational privacy concerns and lack of trust in online shopping system.
Previous study by (Li,2011) discovered that there is serious issues that show that the weaknesses of online shopping where the buyer made conclusion for not involving or drawback from the online shopping. The continues issues that consumer being concern about is the risk of good quality. In this modern way, consumers cannot have any contact with the real foods before receive it, which, indeed, creates the risk of goods quality
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