Organisational Behaviour Case Study

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1.0 Introduction
Students are required to analyze current challenges faced by managers in the organization and provide some recommendations from an organizational behaviour perspective on how managers can better handle these challenges. The objective of this assignment is to develop our ability to analyze organizational challenges and suggest managerial improvements from an organizational behaviour perspective.
1.1 Definition of Organizational Behaviour
Organizational behaviour is concerned with people's thoughts, feelings, and actions in establishing a work. This study many factors which have an impact on about how individuals and organizations respond to, work in organizations and how organizations manage their surroundings. This is a field
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Organizations are increasingly emphasizing teamwork or as a source of competitive advantage in a diverse workforce. Every person must be treated equally when it comes to obtaining a job, improving in their career, and being treated fairly in the workplace. In fact, we realize this is not the case. Unfortunately, our reality is unfair treatment when it comes to an individual's gender, race, culture, ethnic origin, lifestyle etc. These discriminations still exist in salary decisions, hiring and so on. Diversity is essential in order to achieve ultimate success. Workforce diversity is a fact of organizational life. It is usually a key concern for theory and practice in organizational…show more content…
Workforce diversity is essential for clarity and efficiency of all organizations. Strategies must be placed into the workplace to make the each organization become a multicultural, diverse workplace in order to make this work. This process commences with managers but must include assistance from employees within the organization. There is a challenge to be sensitive to the needs of varieties employees and try to develop flexible employment approaches to increase their well-being. For example, creating management programs designed to provide constructive feedback to employees about their personal styles of dealing with minority employees, offering new benefits packages customized to the needs of various employees, providing a flexible time of working and job sharing. Last but not least, managers can establish mentoring relationships to support minority employees and informal networks among minority employees to provide social
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