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For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be an Orthodontist. Since freshman year when I first heard about the senior project, I have always known that I wanted to do mine on job shadowing my Orthodontist, Dr. Chaffee. Mike Chaffee and my mom both went to Texas A&M University, so they have always been close since I first got my braces in the 6th grade. Since then we have always talked about my senior project and how he would help me every step of the way. I want my paper and my job shadowing project to give me an inside look on what it is truly like to be an Orthodontist. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction is pain and limited movement of the jaw and the surrounding muscles in the jaw. It affects over 3,000,000 people each year, …show more content…

Chaffee is the owner and head Orthodontist at Riverstone Orthodontist down in Riverstone in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. He has a team of seven hardworking orthodontist assistants, where two of his employees has job shadowed him in the past from Post Falls High School and Lake City High School. Dr. Chaffee grew up in Houston, Texas. He received his undergraduate degree at Texas A&M University, and went to dental school at the University of Texas in Houston. He finished his one year general practice residency and practiced general dentistry for four years in the U.S. Air Force. He then returned to the University of Texas and achieved his Master 's degree and Orthodontic Certificate. Dr. Chaffee opened up his own private practice in Coeur d 'Alene in 1993, and finished his ABO Board Certification Process in 2003, becoming the first board certified orthodontist in North Idaho. Like I mentioned before, I have had a special relationship with Chaffee and when I contacted him that I am officially starting my senior paper, he immediately started planning days that I can come in and help him out. I am very blessed to have my mentor be someone that is just as excited to help me as I am to be there. And finally, my project and paper are connected through the fact that most people think that TMJ is connected through braces, and I am first hand going to see how all of it happens, and what steps we can take to help prevent the

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