Personal Narrative Essay On Origami

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6 Question Personal Narrative

I always take as long as possible to have my work done efficiently, precisely, and most important done to the fullest of my abilities (although I can be distracted easily). I love drawing (especially when using dark to light graphite pencils on a rigid surface like a rough posterboard canvas). Origami ( I own way too many origami books and specific thin purpose colored origami paper), and painting ( acrylic paints, not oil paints there too, messy and watery) and I always thrive for more knowledge about astronomy or science. I feel like I specifically try my hardest at all the goals I strive to complete, and have high hopes for the future. I hardly find myself in trouble, sometimes though I forget to do my homework, all together, I will try my hardest and I never give up on anything, which sometimes doesn't help. In my entirety, I will work my hardest to have my things done.
My parents said just about the same details I did which surprised me. I wasn't aware I knew myself so well. Well of course it wasn't exactly a carbon copy I left some specific thoughts out because I especially did not want to ramble on…. Which i'm doing now, Ok, back to the
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The problem is I've never actually been bullied in my entire existence in schooling, so I can't comprehend or understand why she's has so much anxiety about it. Besides, most of the people that were bullies aren't anymore, because they're cracking down HARD on bullying, which is great, I disagree with bullying, I think making other people feel worse because you're miserable inside is barbaric, but luckily I've never really experienced
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