Personal Narrative: The Fastest Child

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I grew up as the youngest of four girls. While being the youngest child isn’t always the easiest, it has really contributed to who I am today. As the baby, I got to learn from not only mine, but my sisters’ mistakes and successes as well. I learned how to disagree with people calmly and talk things out. I learned to be able to listen to and accept other people’s opinions even if I didn’t agree with them. Being a sibling was what initially started helping me learn how to work well with others.

With my oldest sister being almost ten years older than me, she graduated high school before I even made it out of elementary school. I remember her telling me to get involved in high school, because it would make a difference. I took her advice, and at the beginning of my freshman year, I joined my high school’s student council association. I naturally loved competition, so I ran for an officer position for my grade. I didn’t win the election, but I kept trying each year until I was elected class secretary my junior year. That year I was also the student council representative for my state. The leadership positions required a lot of work. I planned my class’s and the whole student council’s fundraisers and events for the year. I also worked with the other officers to
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I can come up with and carry out ideas with a group, but I can also be creative and take initiative for myself. I will always do well in a group, but I will also be able to be independent. Looking back, I realize some of the things that made me independent. While my sisters grew up as girly girls, I grew up as a tomboy. When my sisters went through the stages of being “too cool” to play with me, I had to learn to play by myself and make my own fun. I learned to stand on my own. In high school I had to work hard by myself to keep up good grades to be able to be a member of things like Beta Club and National Honors
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