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We all think, work and function differently from everyone else, some people may agree with the majority of society while other people don’t, that is the beauty of being human. I’ve collaborated and interacted with a lot of people through my high school career, from just a simple class group activity to a club competition or even in a professional business atmosphere. I have noticed though the years that some people don’t always agree with you and they are obviously not thinking the same was as you do, but I have learned with the years of experience to respect a distinct point of view, ideas and beliefs that differ from mine. I am currently the area 02 chapter 1289 BPA president; BPA stands for Business Professionals of America and there is a great list of single and team events which you can compete on. I picked Website Design Team and I also picked my teammates extremely carefully analyzing their maturity, responsibly and intelligence or I must say I thoug I did, it actually turned out everyone had their own unique ideas and opinions and did not want to change their way of thinking or even respect a divergent opinion as theirs, it was a complete chaos for the first few weeks of working as a “team”. What they all agree on was for them to work separately in their own way with their own ideas and at the end hope for the best, that was not the point of having a “team” as a President I took the lead and responsibility of the team as soon as I saw that the “team” was honestly not

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