Persuasive Essay On School Dress Code

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As it is easy to see in American schools, many children are easily distracted and tend to rank education low on their list of priorities. To combat this, school administrators are considering implementing a more professional dress code so that students will treat their education with more seriousness. The plan sounds good on paper. In real life, however, it will not work. Schools should not adopt a more professional dress code because professional clothes are too restrictive, the strict code will create numerous problems, and many families cannot afford professional clothes. Expression and comfort are two of the most important things to a teenager. Professional clothes do not allow room for this. Companies have released a myriad assortment …show more content…

Regular school dress codes are already strict as they are, to the point of punishing kids for wearing the wrong shade of a color. A professional school dress code will be even more strict and will require heavy enforcement. This will cause numerous problems. Students will be extremely stressed with the thought of having to make sure their clothes are in order. They will have to wake up far earlier in the morning to make sure their clothes are ironed, their ties are straight, etc. This can cause students to fall asleep in class or be late. On the other side, teachers and administrators will be heavily burdened with the responsibility of having to check their student’s clothes. Professional clothes are much harder to check than regular clothes. With the current dress code, teachers can simply glance to see if the students are wearing the right color, size and if their clothes are appropriate. With a professional dress code, teachers have many more things to check, like ties, socks, collars, etc. This can be very time consuming and take away a lot instructional time. The requirements of a professional dress code will cause many more problems than they will

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