Persuasive Essay: Why I Helping A Scholarship

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Just as any other student entering college, we enter scholarships with the intent to help pay for school. As everyone knows college isn’t cheap. I believe the reason i’m applying for this scholarship not only is that of lack of money, but also lies somewhere else, such as why i’m pursuing this degree, and what I intend on doing with it.

As a multitude may know fashion design is an up and coming major that is one of the most challenging. I would love to be able to take on this challenge. In order to do so, I need help financially. It will cost me roughly 61,000 dollars to attend college and i’m going to work hard to earn the money so I can be funded.

My financial status isn’t that of a humongous one. If my mother could I know she would pay every step of the way for me to abandon this small town and pursue these immense dreams of mine, but the fact is she can barely pay to keep herself, along with her 2 sons up and going. I dare not to let anything stop me, no matter how many people tell me this is too adventurous of a dream to pursue. I am a very ambiguous and hard working man. For example, in order to help my mother and me, I acquired a job at a young age of 16. I am not one who will stop easily. With that being said I will try everything in my will to obtain the funds to help pay for college because I also am required to pay out of state tuition, which can become a great expense.
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I was a very creative child and I knew this would portray towards my career
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