Physical Therapy Student Analysis

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The first step in being a student in a doctor of physical therapy degree program is to apply and then ultimately become accepted in the school. Schools do not just accept anyone. Only the best of the best students who show dedication and determination will be considered by the school. Before being accepted into a DPT program, a student must demonstrate their academic and extracurricular development. As an undergraduate student, I work hard to maintain a high grade point average while at the same time, balancing extracurricular as well as my social life. Professionalism as a student means that one must get their priorities aligned and know how to work diligently. There are many aspects as to what professionalism means in the context of being …show more content…

By doing so, one can get a feel of what a physical therapist does and the multiple types of settings they can work in. Here, they can also develop the people skills needed in the future work field. I have been able to observe and shadow physical therapists in a hospital, private practice, and a nursing home. Each is similar but also display different aspects of physical therapy. I very much enjoyed my time volunteering at the private practice. The day that I was hired as a physical therapy aide made me feel that I was one step closer to achieving my goal. After hours of volunteering, the owner of the clinic saw that I had something valuable to offer. The feeling of accomplishment surged through me as I was able to guide these patients through their exercise programs. This brought me closer to the patients, and I was able to see the improvements I have facilitated to bring about. I was told that one will find the happiest people in therapy, and this was definitely true whenever I entered the rehabilitation centers. The positive impact one can make in the healthcare setting is

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