Pierre Balmain: The Relationship Between Fashion And Architecture?

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Fashion designers mostly come from different aspects and majors. There is no rule for a designer to be except passion and creativity. Therefore, most of the professional 's old designers and owners of big fashion houses did not graduate from fashion design school. Pierre Balmain believed that "dressmaking is the architecture of movement." Balmain has a very strong relationship between fashion and architecture. The name of Pierre balmain stands for elegance and grace. Both of them design and architect has connections in constructing and thinking. What we need to know is how Pierre Balmain transformed his architecture filed to fashion couturier and the house developments throughout the years. In all several respects Pierre Balmian was the most outstanding among couturiers in pairs. He was born in 1914; he came from very pleasing parents, a mother who had managed a dress shop, and his father had a wholesale drapery business. Elizabeth Ewing (2014). We can say that his family was his inspiration to the fashion world. Balmian was supposed to be an architect, but instead the beauty of fashion catches his eyes. Before he started his trademark, Pierre worked with so many other designers. At first he started with Edward Molyneux (British fashion…show more content…
This silhouette expresses the women in a feminine way with a higher bust line, narrow shoulder and a smaller waistline. Balmain believed that simplicity in clothing is the achievement of the ideal of elegance. Margo Seaman & Rhodes Nelly (2002). Balmain 's customers include the world 's most rich and best-dressed ladies, for example, Katharine Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, Marlene Dietrich, and Queen Sirikit of Thailand. In the wake of working close by kindred greats Christian Dior and Hubert de Givenchy at Lucien Lelong 's couture house, initially established his own couture house in

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