Positive Impact Of Mobile Computing In Nigeria

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Mobile computing has impressions on individuals and businesses, especially in Nigeria. The impact of mobile computing can either be Positive or Negative.
Positive Impact
1. Mobile computing enables people to do their businesses from anywhere – home or office.
2. It allows continuity. In other words, work can continue in progress even if there is need to change locations.
3. It provides easy access to academic resources. For a business to thrive, a qualitative knowledge of that business is prerequisite. Hence, the businessman can use his mobile computer to get academic materials that will enhance his efficiency.
4. It enables easy sharing of resources. Since mobile computing devices have been optimised to easily access the internet, it allows people to share electronic items with other people. For instance an artist can share pictures of his art-works online.
5. Mobile computing provides a platform for mobile advertising. Goods and services can be advertised to prospective customers. Such adverts are usually placed on web pages that target customers visit. For instance, a forum accessed by ladies can be used to advertise female clothing and jewelleries.
6. E-commerce: It allows users to trade goods and services via the internet.
7. Teleconferencing: Mobile computing enable people to engage on both voice and video communication as if they were at the same location.
8. Users of mobile computers can easily back-up resources on a virtual location for
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