Propylene Lab Report

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The Purpese of this unit is to preduce aromatic rich naphtha. Also, it to preduct aromizate to recovery unit. Figure 17:(BFD of Aromizing unit ) Main section: Figure 18:(BFD of aromizing section ) Reaction section: In this section the feed (heavy naphtha) come from NHTU. The mixture enters in aromizing feed surge drum. The feed surge drum operates at 5 bar ,83 oC and maintains the pressure by hydrogen and flare control valves. In addition, on feed surge drum used UV to avoid liquid relief in case of FSD liquid level high high. After that, the feed are pump by aromizer feed pump( centrifugal pump one stage) . Achloriding agent and water are added to feed before feed go to heat exchanger to control the water chloride equilibrium. Also, asulfinding…show more content…
Next , feed passed through vapor exchange and liquid exchanger by shell side before send to recontacting chiller . in recontacting chiller used propylene to reduce temperature for 0 oC at 23.5 bar. Further, the feed flow to recontacting drum to separate between gas( hydrogen)from top and liquid phase from bottom. The gas phase passed through vapor exchanger by tube side to reheated from 0 oC to 34 oC. then, gas flow to chloride absorbers to remove chloride from gas and send to different please. Furthermore, the separated liquid from recontacting drum heated by shell side of liquid exchanger and send LPG absorber drum but before added benzene from benzene recovery…show more content…
Next, fuel gas send to another unit but LPG pumped by LPG absorber pump to stabilization section. The mixture passes through first stabilizer exchanger by tube side to preheat it. Then, the feed send to stabilizer feed chloride absorbers to remove all traces of chlorides. Furthermore, it passes through second stabilizer exchanger by tube side to increase the temperature at 160 oC. the mixture enter the stabilizer column on tray 20 at 15.7 bar. The stabilizer column used to separated between aromizate and light carbon ( C1,C2,C3,C4,C5). After that, the stabilizer bottom is preheated by stabilizer reboiler. Stabilizer overhead partially condensed in air condenser and trim condenser to collect in reflux drum. Then, some of the separated liquid is pumped by reflux pump back to stabilizer column and the remaining liquid pump by cut pumps to deethanizer section. Next, aromizate product bottom from the stabilizer after cooling at 164oC in the first and second exchanger by shell side and sent to reformate splitter in recovery

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