Essay On Tuition Should Be Free

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All United States citizens should receive free college tuition because it would make more students get higher education which in result would make us over all smarter with better jobs. Have a better job would also result in our economy grow because there would be more jobs making less people be unemployed and making more money to contribute back in the economy.

College tuition should be free because there are many underprivileged families whose kids work hard in school that deserve to be able to have a college education. Some kids who do amazing in school and receive amazing grades are not able to get into the college they want due to the high cost of tuition. In 1918 public schooling became a requirement for people up to the age of 18, now in the 20th century a college degree is becoming a requirement in getting a job but not a right to all American citizens. A college diploma is becoming a necessity, it’s essential for getting a nice house, having a good car, and building a better life so you 're not
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However, taxes would not be raised by much. Along with that we could cut out some of the government 's spending such as the 598 million on the military or 23 million on other countries. Not all of the money will be cut but most of it should be. Do we really need all of that money going to the military? Aslo why should our money be going to foreign countries? I get that were trying to help and make them better but it 's only making our country worse. We should focus on making America better and smarter and get our own people in thousands of dollars in debt and also off the streetings. College tuition should be free for all U.S citizens because it shouldn 't be an obstacle to get a higher education that would make our nation more efficient and smarter that would also help our economy grow with more jobs and people having more money to contribute back into
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