Pros And Cons Of Stricter Gun Control Laws

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Over the past decade, the amount of United States citizens killed by guns has skyrocketed. Many of these deaths are the result of a gun legally getting into the hands of an unstable person who should not have a gun. These criminals and mentally ill people use guns to take the lives of innocent children, women, and men every single day. Many people argue that the second amendment gives them the right to bare arms and no one can take that away from them, however, this amendment is a large part of the reason why so many undeserving people are able to obtain a gun. America needs stricter gun control laws because they will help decrease the immense number of gun deaths every day and lessen the chances of the wrong person getting their hands on a gun. People opposed to implementing more gun control often argue that more gun control will make it so that they are not able to have a gun to use for self defense. What many of these people fail to realize is that creating more gun control will not take away their right to owning a gun. All more gun control will do is make it harder for the wrong people to get their hands on a gun. They also argue that criminals will find a way to get a gun even if more gun control measure are put into place. While it is possible that may happen, stricter gun laws will at the very least allow less guns to be put out into the general public and as a result, decrease the chance a criminal is able to get a gun. When it comes to guns, many Americans

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