Reflection Of Values In Nursing

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I am a nurse in one of the aged care, one day I started to give shower to my elderly client with love and care but she refused to shower. After that I spend some time with her. I talk with her politely, give her some time and try to figure out her feelings and reason behind refusing shower. She was not comfortable to shower before breakfast but likes to be shower after. So I respect her feeling thus gave her shower after breakfast as she prefer. Also, I report and request supervisor to change her shower schedule after breakfast. I provide her care with compassion being nonjudgmental. I was fully committed and competences in my work as I always do. After few days, she said me that I was very kind, honest and different from other nurse. She expressed me that other people are very rude and never understand her feelings. She whispered me “may god bless you beautiful lady”. Her words made me feel really happy. It was like a reward for me. Actually I was just being myself and performing the ordinary everyday job following my values and beliefs, which she perceived as extraordinary. Honest, respect, commitment, accountability, compassion, dignity, equality, empathy are some important values nurse need to follow in nursing profession (Gokenbach 2012). Values are principle of life that provides pathway to their performance. There is reflection of…show more content…
Analysis of the experience shared above gives me a deeper insight into the importance of values and beliefs in nursing practice. Following these help my future practice and behavior to be authentic. When I reflect back, I recognize that I have used my personal skills and knowledge being competence to provide holistic care to clients with love, respect, compassion and ethical values. It reinforced and made me alert to follow nursing values and beliefs in my profession to practice in order to achieve patient’s

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