Reflection Paper On Mcdonalds

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Aiden: good morning to everyone watching, The show is money monster and I’m your host Shaylan Moodley. Today we’re going to be looking at the Mcdonalds corporation and the terms of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, of which will be explained to us from our live representatives from Mcdonalds. Nathanial: Hi Shaylan I’m Jake Butery and I manage the CSR department here at Mcdonalds Jaret : And I’m Kyle Turner, head of the corporate governance at Mcdonalds. Its an honour to be on your show Shaylan Aiden: Its good to meet you guys, lets get started. So Kyle can you briefly tell me what your job entails and what exactly is corporate governance within Mcdonalds. Jaret: Corporate governance here at Mcdonalds is actually pretty simple, as we mainly focus on the king code and specifically the king 1 rule which states that the main focus for a business should be the people, planet and the profit. Aiden: That’s perfect, so Jake can you also tell us briefly about what CSR is. Nathanial: sure CSR is basically the connection between the society and the business as an entity, this is basically where my job comes in. I am in charge of all the CSR and the connecting between the people and the business, this entails making the business seem more human to the outside world, instead of just a profit margin. Aiden: cool, so can you guys tell me, what strategies are in place for Mcdonalds in terms of current CSR and corporate governance projects. Jaret: well Shaylan, the
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