Restaurant Information System Essay

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To identify the benefits of using an information sytem for the restaurant, also to know the obstacles of information system application.

The information system become a very important component to the success of businesses and organizations in today’s generation, almost every company use information systems to develop their businesses to be more modern and more easily accessible to the customer and investors, thus making the business more easier to run.
There are usually problems for a fast food restaurant if they don’t use information system.The problems such as:

1. The foods that are being taken does not match the order and the queue number.
2. A customer already ordered a meal for on the spot but did not get a seat.
3. The third problem is when customers that had reached the desk does not know what he/she wants to order.

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For example the fast food joint called Sonic used this kind of method. Sonic only have a drive through system of ordering and they provide a large parking lot for people to wait for their food. Sonic focuses on fast serving and letting people eat in their car, thus making the old customers loyal and the new customers excited about the process.

In conclusion, after the analysis the best method for the fast food restaurant is to apply information system to fix all these problems. However it is not easy to implement the system as it have many stages of progress and will reduce the working hours of the restaurant, but the benefits outweighs the loss.

Given the analysis if the solution is not followed it will cause the restaurant to lose their competitive advantage with their competitors. Also there are also few solutions that I provide, given that we can’t predict the future, the posibilities will help the restaurants if they failed to follow the

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