School Bullying Case Study

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1.0 Background of Cause
The existence of school bullying in every school is tough to be eliminated. Bullying is defined as a repeating act of treating people in an aggressive and violent way to show their strengths and power. Making the victim unable to defend themselves and listen to what the bully says. (Rigby, 2002). Bullying can be in the form of verbal, psychological or physical attacks towards the victim, making them to experience fear towards the bully. (Khalim & Norshidah, 2007). School bullying in the school at hallways, corridors, toilet, classrooms and at almost every corner in the school. Bullying in school will cause the victim to suffer from long-term psychological effects and it will affect the way of them in growing up. (Lee,
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Through the 5 CSR Actions/Experiences, the best impact to be used will be visual impact. Visual impact focuses more on using of sight and visual cues. By using this method, it enables people to receive the message being transferred easily through images or videos. This will enable the people who saw this message to understand the seriousness of the case and the importance on how to prevent the case from happening in the future. The school may use some posters with pictures to point out the characteristics of a person being bullied so the students are able to identify when they are looking at a person’s…show more content…
x 6ft 48.00 1 48.00 Sponsorship

To effectively deliver the awareness of school bully, the medium of advertising that will be used is social media such as Facebook. Due to the advanced technology nowadays, most of the people are able to know what is happening around them through internet. By using Facebook to create awareness, it does not require any cost. It enables the school to post out pictures taken during the awareness talk and the anti-school bully campaign. The venues that will be used is the school’s hall where it can fit all the students inside for the awareness talk. Giving the student opportunities to ask for more information and exposed towards the case of school bully shown by the police officer. Having them to understand more about school bully. For the budget, it requires an amount of RM48.00 for the banner at the size of 2ft x 6ft. (refer to appendix I). The banner will be printed with the date, venue and topic of the campaign. With the banner hanging at the school’s gate, the parents passing by will also notice that the school is organizing such event to create awareness and preventing school bully from
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