Staff Training Program Analysis

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Components of a good staff training program should include an initial needs training assessment, identify individuals that need additional training and type of training, and way to implement training with minimal disruption to the employee and production. Initial training needs assessment should be based on identifying areas of operation where training would be beneficial. After identifying areas where training would be beneficial for the company and employees, short and long term goals of the company and align training based on company goals. After identifying areas of operation where training would be beneficial and identifying company short and long term goals, the initial needs training assessment component must include development training …show more content…

The training schedule must include employees, training dates, and training times. Organizations must recognize that employee training is more of an investment so training downtime and training costs must be expected. The final component of a good staff training program is program implementation. Staff training modules should be conducted in order of importance. Using professional trainers or individuals experienced in training and using multimedia tools would help implement the new training program. The new training program should include a staff feedback survey to gather employee feedback data to measure implementation component effectiveness. If the new staff training is proven to be effective. The new training modules must be included in any new hired employee required orientation and …show more content…

A supervisor should use an employee performance counseling session to discuss employee performance or conduct that might require improvements; performance counseling sessions are the first form of performance action. Before the performance counseling session the supervisor must ensure that he or she has all the supporting documentation to support the session. The supervisor must also gather all facts for review, create a session outline to save time, arrange for session privacy, and the employee must be informed verbally and in person where the session will take place and topics to be covered. During the performance counseling session, face to face communication between the supervisor and the employee is very important. The supervisor should be flexible in how to approach the counseling session and a good listener. Listening is the most important part of an employee performance counseling session and time should not be a constraint of the session. The session should take as long as necessary to identify the underlying issue. The supervisor should be able to offer concrete advice and identify the problem immediately. At the end of the performance counseling session, the supervisor should try to boost the employee morale and help the employee look at the session on a positive outlook and make a decision to deal with the issue. If employee performance counseling fails, disciplinary actions are pursued. Disciplinary actions are penalization of an employee for poor

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