Stereotypes In The Film The Breakfast Club

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The movie, The Breakfast Club, is about five wildly high school students who spent Saturday detention together. The principal of the school, Mr. Vernon, told them to write an essay about why they received a detention and "who they think they are." But rather than writing one, the teenagers coming from a dissimilar social group began to share their thoughts with each other throughout the day and understood that they are not as dissimilar as they initially assumed.
Brian is portrayed as "The Brain" and he followed the stereotype of being a "nerd" because of his sensible clothing, good grades, and healthy nutritious lunch. Claire is seen as "The Princess" with the stereotype of a "prom queen" because of her stylish clothing and her popular standing in the school. Bender is considered "The Criminal" of the Breakfast Club and reflected the stereotype of a "troublemaker." His wild clothing suited his rough and disobedient attitude. Allison is seen as "The Basket Case" and served the stereotype of a "weirdo” because of her weird dressing sense to show she doesn’t have any self-confidence. Lastly, Andrew is recognized as "The Athlete" of the …show more content…

This is one of the causes of why each student isolated to a specified stereotype. Moreover, the students feared that their friendships would not continue after the Saturday detention because they thought that the dissimilarities of their social groups were enough to keep them separate. Idealism also played a big role in the theme of the movie. Each student struggled with a necessity of being perfect in his or her parent and friend’s judgment. They lose their self-confidence if they sense that they have not attained this perfection, no matter if it is athletic, academic, or social. Each student continuously concerned about their parents' opinion of them. This worried was mirrored by the way each student acted and their

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