Strengths And Weaknesses Of Hilton

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I chose the Hilton brand of hotels for my SWOT/STEEPLE analysis. It started 96 years ago as one small hotel, but today it has become one of the biggest brands of hotels in the world.

The Hilton brand of hotels has several strengths. The popularity of the brand that is linked with its good service and prestige is one of them. Its large recognition has made it easy for tourists or frequent travelers to have a reliable and “luxurious” (of course, depending on the brand of the Hilton Hotel) place were they would feel confortable. Throughout the years Hilton Hotels have created a large amount of costumer loyalty because of its excellent services and several programs, which provide customers with a variety of benefits for spending a few nights on the hotel. Another strength of this organization is the diversity of offers for different types of travellers. The Hilton Company owns and manages, 12 different brands of hotels allowing costumers to choose the one that best fits their need. For example, if you want an economic hotel were you could spend a few nights, the Hampton Inn and Home2 Suites are your best options. But if you are looking for a world-class hotel, the Double Tree and The Waldo Astoria Suits and Resorts are the top ones to choose.

One of the weaknesses of the brand is that it tries to apply the same procedure, price and experience for all the Hotels, affecting its flexibility. One of the company’s main objectives is the ‘equality’ of their hotels. Although this

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