Supply Chain Management: Case Study: Logistics And Supply Chain Management

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Student name: Li Mingxia
Student ID: 16877261
Course: Bachelor of Commerce
Major: Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Lecture name: Supply Chain Information Management
Lecturer: Keng Seng Choong
Class date: Tuesday 9-12 PM

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Question 1:

Amazon’s business model was initially based on books delivered direct from supplier to customer, with its web site as the intermediary channel. Amazon also lost huge amounts of money for some years. Eventually it created a distribution network able to deliver around the world. Answer the following questions:

1. Explain the original distribution model
The original distribution model of Amazon is the direct distribution way which provided a platform to sale the products from
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Question 3: The economics of e-grocery:
Online grocery sales are a surprising success. Certain customer segments value this service, and it is possible for grocery retailers to make good profits. However, these services are most successful in dense suburban environments; middle to large cities. Answer the following questions:

1. From the perspective of an online retailer, develop an Excel model that can be used to calculate profits. It should incorporate distance, price and customer demand.

profit list

Company unit: item month year
Main business income main business cost business taxes and addition main business profit
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Online payment and logistics greatly improves the efficiency of the transaction, especially for work busy office workers, but also a lot of savings in their valuable time. In the 21st century, the diversification of consumer information can buy products through the home network channels. Mobile e-commerce can also use the mobile phones, PDA, handheld computers and other wireless terminals B2B, B2C or C2C e-commerce. It combines Internet, mobile communication technology, short distance communication technology and other information processing technology, so that people can carry out all kinds of business activities at anytime, anywhere, anytime, anywhere, online and offline shopping and trading, online electronic payment and various business activities, business activities, financial activities and related comprehensive service activities, etc. Mobile electronic commerce is a highly developed technology, such as 3G technology, mobile electronic commerce. In addition, Wifi and Wapi technology, but also one of the options for wireless electronic commerce. With the 3G/wifi network to experience a new concept of mobile conference, at the same time, customers can use mobile phone to manage meetings and to maximize the efficiency of customers’

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