Swot Analysis Of Quatar

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Growing economy along with increase in standard of living for each individual have raised the bar of spending capacity. Once income is increased then people prefer high brand products such as Gucci, Rolex or Louis Vuitton, and Belligerent being one of the most luxurious brand in manufacturing sunglasses will add further value to the person perception towards this new brand. Our company has chosen Quatar. The luxury retail markets in the Gulf countries is valued at around $5.3 billion and is growing at the rate of 10 to 12 percent per anum.
Country Profile of Qatar
Qatar has a land area of 11,590 square km of which only 1.1% is arable. While the country experienced a high GDP growth rate from 18.6% in 2006 to 25.5% in 2008, the rate
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Nevertheless, consumer spending continues to increase. Close to 85% of the population are expats and this has influenced the products on offer in many retail establishments. Demand for luxury products continues to grow based on their popularity amongst Qatari nationals. (Euromonitor)
Swot Analysis
Considering the preferences of choice of Qatar nation, our strong high end brand and the taste of the Qatari nationals to buy luxury goods as a means of showing social status will strongly act in our favour. At the same time younger people with higher disposable incomes and preference for brands is again a strong point on which we can capitalize on. The climate too is supportive as sunglasses would be needed in hot climate countries and brand then becomes the next level of choice.
The political and cultural environment is widely different from that in the West and hence it would become important for us to understand this part carefully before running any advertisement campaigns whether on satellite TV or on social media like Facebook and Twitter.
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On a micro level, it is indeed essential to localize or any incorrect perception developed about the brand can lead to a permanent collapse of the opportunity.
Entry Strategy
There are many ways in which an organisation can enter a country. Some of these are establishing joint ventures, exporting, franchising, and acquiring another company in that country or contract manufacturing. This would allow for a flexible entry into the country and also allow for correct establishment of our presence within that country with the years of experience backing the organisation with which we establish a joint venture. A second level model would be to establish Franchises within the country in association with the organisation with whom the joint venture has been established.
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