Swot Analysis Of Singapore Tourism

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Singapore Tourism Sustainable Development SWOT and GAP analysis Tourism is at its rapid expanding stage. Nowadays, most of people are traveling and visiting attractions all around the world. There are a lot of places that can be considered as a tourism destinations and attractions. Where it is accessible and convenient to travel, then there will be tourists. Singapore is one of the most developing countries in Southeast Asia and also one of the largest service sectors in tourism. For Singapore to take this advantage as a tourism destination, it has contributed 3% of Singapore 's GDP which has generated a sum of growing rapidly for the past few years. By the increasing benefits of tourism industries, it has strengthened the infrastructure developments, in addition of various events and the countries strategic location in the heart of region. The role of the tourism industry can play as main in Singapore 's economy. In 2015, tourism sectors is as a bold target to ensure that tourism remains a key economic pillar, which was unveiled in the year 2005. The objectives of Singapore is to triple the tourism receipts to US$ 30 Billion, visitors arrivals are increased by double to 17 Million and creating an additional 100,000 jobs in the services sector by 2015, according to "Opportunities in Singapore Tourism Industry (2007-2009)". Having all these advantages, the negatives are also a factor to get a better view on the impacts, advantages and disadvantages in Singapore tourism

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