Study Habit Essay

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According to Pisa's 2012 results, Malaysian students scored below average and ranked 52 out of the 65 countries. In contrast, students in Vietnam ranked 17 out of 65. This is really a worrying fact despite that the MOE has already spent billions of ringgit into educational purpose; RM56 billion to be exact. This shows that money alone doesn’t affect student performance in big margin as some of other countries still state the same budget for education as the Malaysia government does but the other countries come up top in the Pisa 2012 result. This is mainly because of study habit of the students. We can put a billion of budgets for education but if the students still don’t implement good study habit, we cannot increase their performance in academic.…show more content…
According to James Clear (2013), we cannot just delete or erase our bad habit, but instead we can replace it with the good one. The source of habit is from our past experience towards certain things. So study habit is likely a result from our collision with certain subject material we trying to learn. Based on Ayodele and Adebiyi (2013), there are certain determinant that effect our habits; socio economic status, faculty, peer group, self-concept and family background. This entire determinant can affect people differently. For example a science faculty student require to read more intensively and more thorough than student from sport science faculty student. This is because most of the sport science faculty student assessment more in practical form and reading is only for basic idea. So these two types of student will adopt different type of study habit.
Ayodele and Adebiyi (2013) also state that self-concept is other main determinant of student study habit. Self-concept in study habit refers to the belief of the person on what study will bring them. Every student self-concept is different from the others. Some students may think that with their ability they can study smart instead of study hard but some student that have bad self-concept will end up adopting bad study habit as they think they doesn’t have the capabilities to study certain subject (low comprehension on subject or uninterested on subject
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