Bad Influence Of Advertisement Essay

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Advertisements have bad influences on purchaser’s decisions.
The population explosion over the years has resulted in mass production of goods. Following this, the desire of people is getting higher and higher. Advertising plays an important role in the business strategy of companies to bring goods and services nearly to customers. Moreover, the impact of advertising is enormous that it causes people to purchase things that they do not want initially. Will Rogers said that: “Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they do not have for something they do not need.”. Advertisements have significantly negative influences on consumers’ behavior through marketing communication as well as mind-blowing tricks.
Firstly, marketers use visual effects and “celebrities branding” to impress and arouse the curiosity of customers. People have all watched TV programs which have been interrupted by advertisements for products. Each ad has its own interesting which was created by vivid images and ear-catching background music. Besides, marketers also use the fame of stars to promote their brands. To raise the sales and
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Notwithstanding that when looking at the positive side, there are also several advantages such as nutritious products with expert advice, Access to new high technological inventions to raise human living values. It is impossible to eliminate advertising completely around people due to advertising is one of the human institutions highly developed nowadays. Therefore, instead of blaming advertisers for buying goods that they are not able to afford, but they have to be conscious of the great power of advertising. It does not exist just to tell customers about new products. Its role is much more seductive than that and they need to be aware of

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