The Importance Of Advertising In Pakistan

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Advertising is the communication between the targeted audience (customers) and the advertiser. It gives the information about product, services and features. The goal of advertiser is to make profit. Advertising is somehow very simple but on the other hand it is very complicated. Advertisement has very much importance in Pakistan because people will get aware of the current product, services and about the new offers and packages. And nowadays billboard advertisement is at its peak in Pakistan after social media (Ayesha Raees, 2012).

Advertising is a paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor with a view to disseminate information concerning an idea, product or service (Puranik, 2011). The significant reason for advertisings is to advertise the offers of an item or administration furthermore, to illuminate the masses about the highlights of the item or the administration characteristic. Advertising is an effective method for conveying to the world, the estimation of the item or the administration. Billboard is a branch of outdoor media, yet by and large, a few researchers who recognize it from outside media see it as a type of promoting. Billboard is generally focused at passers-by, drivers, and those in moving vehicle and passerby movement. They are described by appealing models pictures and snappy trademarks that pull in consideration (Anna, 2006).

Billboard advertising is the utilization of substantial signs along
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