The Importance Of Industrial Harmony

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Industrial harmony is about a level of peace in industrial unit, it can be measured and identify through organization productivity and performance. Industrial harmony is sample of non existence employee strike by labour unions in organization which results in competent and productive organization (Hanson 1972). There dimensions and elements should be cover and measured to test industrial harmony and present its level. These dimensions involve nonexistence of worker strikes, nonexistence of industrial dissatisfaction, presence of consensus, trust and respect between work teams and unions, good connection between unions delegate and administration of the organization, employee positive attitude towards his or her impact to the organization, commitment and retention (Umo Antigha, Archibong, Ojua, Bassey and Bassey 2012). These elements can be measured through different tools such as questionnaires, annual assessment, focusing groups, interviews and workshops and etc. This still leaves us with the problem of how to assess climate. The usual approach in the literature is generally climate for climate aggregate individual assessment given by the members of a particular unit or place of job (Gerras and Morgeson 2003). This approach attract on the direct consensus model, see climate as a property group (work) formed by aggregation level member of group, and requires a level of group consensus to allow aggregation (Schminke and Kuenzi, 2009). This rating reflects the extent to which
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