The Pros And Cons Of High Cost Of College

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High Cost of College
Everyone that grows up in the United states normally gets around 12 years of education before they are faced with a choice. They can either go to college after high school or enter the workforce. It seems like it should be an easier answer for most. The thing is that it is not any easy discussion for anyone. There are pros and cons for both. What I will really be focusing on in this essay is the college route. What choices must high school seniors make when they are trying to decide how to approach college. They are faced with questions like what school are you going to, what are you studying, where are you living, and how much does it cost? Answering these questions can be hard for young adults to answer. I hope that I …show more content…

The article states that only 46 percent of high school graduates know that they are going to college after high school.(Bryant, Jessica. “Why High School Graduates Are Saying No to College, 2021). What I also found to be interesting was that it listed 10 top reasons for not going to college. The number one reason was that it is too expensive. A few other reasons were too stressful, more important to get a job, and unsure about a major. Now these are all extremely valid reasons for not wanting to go to college. When you are 17 or 18 years old you are expected to make a decision that will either set you up good in life or not. I think that we put so much pressure on kids during their senior year of high school. I truly believe that most schools do a horrible job at teaching students about real life responsibilities. It seems to me like some high schools are afraid to talk about things other than going to college.
High schools have been forced to be a workover load now. They want students doing some type of busy work at all times. I think we don’t spend enough time really getting to know students and making an impact on their lives. School should not just be all about books and tests. It should also be about the lessons you learn on the way and the great people that you meet. Having the right people in your life makes a difference. The people that you can lean on in hard times and help …show more content…

The book is newer and talks about how the coronavirus changed how many people viewed college. (Lieber, Ron. The Price You Pay for College.) It was something that could be done at home so why pay thousands of dollars when you don’t have to? I think we will really start to see a shift to more online learning even in the next 15 years. It is something that can be done so easily and all the technology is already there. What is stopping colleges and schools from closing and having all learning done online. Now people still need human to human interactions but the learning aspects can all be online. It is just crazy to think about the changes that could be possible in the next couple of

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