The Pros And Cons Of Transformational Leadership

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2.3 Pros and Cons
2.3.1 Transformational Leadership
The advantages of transformational leadership are that the leader can create an enthusiastic work environment in the organization. With that, the subordinates will have high motivation to work efficiently and produce the higher output. Besides, the transformational leader inspires their subordinates to make changes in themselves and realize that their own ability and full potential (Malinda Zellman). Therefore, the subordinates will follow their leader and passion to work for their leader in order to achieve the vision set by the leader despite the monetary compensation is less. For instance, Tony Fernandes can improve the organization productivity and the subordinates will take part in organization
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This leadership does not incorporate into consideration situational dynamics and assumes that the followers are willing to work together toward a new and bigger goal that they want to reach (Eryn Travis, 2014). This becomes a disadvantage of transformational leadership because this approach will not as effective in the situations that the followers are without the related skills and experience to complete the task. Besides that, the employees that have low skills or experience that are necessary to complete a task will not be so effective to the application of transformational leadership because the leader will just assume that the follower have the skill to complete the task, but he does not know that the employees does not have the necessary skill or knowledge. It is because leaders just can only see the big picture and not all the details. They always think that their vision is right. In Air Asia, most of the employees are multi-tasking their ability and skills. Tony Fernandes motivates the employees to work in a different job position because Air Asia was lack number of employees. Thus, the multitasking employees may face the problem lack of skills and experiences when they are not under their primary job…show more content…
This show that the failure to produce a successor creates an eventual leadership crisis. It will be hard to find a successor to carry on the same vision with as much excitement and desire if there is a charismatic leader in a company. The charismatic leaders often retain the majority of the control where many things must pass through the leader. The followers had become too dependent on the leader for all manner of large and small directions and decisions. In Air Asia, Tony Fernandes is known a charismatic leader. If he leaves the company in the future, the company may face difficulty that the company without a successor. The company may lose the ability to be resilient in the face of changing realities. Air Asia also will face the same problem such as what is happening in Apple that the share prices of the company was dropped later on Steve Jobs is
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