The Social Implication Of Ecommerce On Society

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Task 2 I am going to be talking about the social implications of e commerce on society, in this instance of what the social implication would be if West London Watches would have a ecommerce system set up, what the impact would be for the society. Changing customer 's perspective: Since internet shopping has been set up it has been much easier for people to buy their products online from anywhere and get it delivered into their benefit is that they could compare prices around a wide range of ecommerce stores on the global market, this will also ensure that they get the best product for the best deal or price. Now that there are many laws in e commerce people have become more comfortable to be buying more things online, however we all know that there are still risks when we are buying things online or even when we are just surfing the web. The laws that were made insured that there is good customer service, the same as it would be when you are a store. First when ecommerce was introduced to the society people did not use it that much because they did not trust it. They did not want to use their credit cards online or even share their personal details to companies because of identity thieves and other hackers. But now as more companies have invested in high security to be put into their ecommerce store it has become more trustable, so people would shop online more often. Some shops have the availability of having an online store and a high street store, this is

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