Tourism Development

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For the economic measures, develop tourism is potential of the small island to have economic development quickly. It can help to eliminate the widening economic gap between developed and undeveloped countries or regions and to ensure the steadily accelerating of economic development. (WTO, 1980) Tourism is being an important part to the economic at Anguillian. In 2010, visitors had spent an estimated US$99.4 million in Anguilla. However, the government not only focuses on economic development, it had balance the environment, economic and social development. It required guidelines to encourage tourism developers and operators to develop sound planning and have environmental practices, because it understand investment and viability of economic…show more content…
It can use The SWOT should have a strategic focus on the factors which include a major influence on both past and future performance, also differentiate the organization from its competitors. (Evans, Compbell and Stonehouse, George, 2003) The government just has analysis the strengths and weaknesses of their tourism product, include sector management, environmental management, human resources and community development, quality of infrastructure, tourism product and marketing and access transport. Also, economic, social and environment impacts of sustainable tourism master plan. However, in the plan, it lacks of analysis the external factor and identifies the potential competitor, just focus on analysis internal situation. Moreover, government has identifying alternative possible futures and provides ways of looking through different lenses. There are three tourism development scenarios, include scenario A of low growth scenario, scenario B of medium growth scenario and scenario C of high growth…show more content…
It had divide three tourism development areas, include east end TDAs, central TDAs and west end TDAs, it is different niche market. East TDA focus on village tourism, promote national parks and protected areas to protect and promote natural environment, enable them did not influence from tourism. Also, this is an area that involves tourism attractions, accommodation and other facilities and services, all was well served by a road network. It can attract more tourists to an area, on account of government had make it more convenient to access, each attractions can be centralized in one area. For off-shore islands, they do not want or recommend any tourism related development for the further, because to protected surrounding waters and foreshore these natural

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