Unit 24 Health And Social Care Case Study

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information gathered:
Selvin arrived in Bath (UK) from Jamaica in 1956, Selvin wife arrived 2yrs later. Married for 61 years they have together four Daughters and one son. Selvin and his wife owned a West Indian shop retired and later moved to London in 2006.
• Lived at current address with wife for 3yrs (Council Property)
• One bedroom ground floor flat well kept,
• Walk in shower
• Garden
Health and wellbeing:
• Selvin has limited vision in his right eye
• kidney failure,
• Prostrate not cancer which was operated on but this has come back now.
• Wearing a catheter at the moment.
• District nurse visits once a week.
He was recently in hospital for the catheter change as it was infected.
Mr Johnson attends Forest hill dialysis centre three times a week. …show more content…

Activities of daily living
• Personal care: Selvin is unable to transfer independently, he manages getting in and out of bed but very slowly. Selvin is unable to complete his personal care, he gets help from his wife to complete personal care, and however, she is struggling due to her age and ill health as she suffers with arthritis. Mrs Johnson assists with all the ADLs tasks but this is becoming a challenge as she is no longer able to complete these tasks.
• Medication: Wife support Selvin talking his

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