Unit 8 M2 Business Analysis

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Unit 8- M1 Promoting E-Commerce
Search engines
Search engines are really important as they are a vital way of prompting business, as search engines help the customers narrow down what they are looking for specifically, an example can be if a customer’s wants to look for a specific watch they want to purchase but don’t know where to look then they can use search engines such as msn, google, yahoo etc. these search engines would narrow down what they are looking for as these search engine will give the user millions of results.
Dial and chain can also promote their business by paying money so they can be at the top of search results in web browsers, this is a really good and effective way of advertisement and its simple the more money you pay …show more content…

Meta tags are sued to ensure the spider lists the web pages correctly with no errors, Meta tags can be included in the coding for the web pages.

Newsgroups and Forums
Newsgroups is basically a method to post recent messages to other internet users globally, the newsgroups are divided into sections such as games, food, clothes etc. These will all be in the same newsgroup but divided into their own sections. News groups are message boards which are usually commonly open to the public which means that advertising using both forums and newsgroup will gain you a lot of viewers even if nobody reads the advert they will still remember the name.
Forums are a really good way prompting and advertising as they are usually close communities and the chance are highly likely that they will get a lot of voluntary viewers due to this.
Banners and …show more content…

Direct marketing
Direct marketing is important and it also links back with spamming and the fact that companies use current customer or buy new potential customers and send them direct messages to promote themselves. Direct marketing basically means that businesses can advertise to individual customer’s directly which means that the company has to have your personal details as direct marketing comes in the terms of text, mail, emailing and adverts online, however the downside to direct marketing is that sometimes it can be seen a spam and may be ignored.
Quality of user

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