Argumentative Essay: Should People Go To College?

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“One of the most damaging messages of educational romanticism has been that everyone should go to college.” - Charles Murray
The world is a constantly changing place, just 50 years ago, it wasn’t customary or even expected, to go to college. So what makes people feel like college is expected of them now? Just because the majority of people agree on something doesn’t mean it is right. People continue to do what everyone else wants when in reality, what they want may be completely different. College is an individual decision for people to make on their own. What they decide is incredibly important, because college is a huge stepping stone in a person's life and he or she should consider every side before making a decision. Going to college has …show more content…

Most people would argue that college is how you become an adult, that being eased into the real world is how it should be done. College does provide a unique experience, but it is far from a necessary one that everyone has to have.
Some people, however, simply do not want to go to college. And with college becoming the norm, they will be looked down for not attending one, and will most certainly be criticized by parents and teachers. All of this can put a lot of pressure on someone, rush them into something they don’t want to do and there are no good outcomes. Going to college because someone told you to is possibly the worst reason to go, not only will you be unhappy, but you will get nothing from the experience.
College is not the only option, many people have wonderful, happy lives without a degree. A piece of paper will not make everything alright. It is time for people to stop listening to society and the “cool kids”. It is time for people to sit down and decide, on their own, what they truly want to do. Nothing will change if everyone follows the norm. Progress is made by people who stand out, who know that everyone is different. People who are not afraid to be weird or strange. People who can push us forward. People who can change the

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