Why I Chose To Go To College

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I have spent countless hours trying to make the right decision on where I should start my journey to success. After deliberating it, I have decided to attend Augustana College in Rock Island. Augustana is a medium private liberal art college that is located in Rock Island, Illinois. I feel that Augustana has what I need to complete the goals I have set for myself. I plan to major in psychology or double major in pre medical and psychology. I also plan to minor in anthropology.

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Going to college has been a dream of mine ever since I started my high school career. Not only do I want to go to college to experience higher education, become independent, explore the world, and find out who I am as a person, but I also need a post secondary school education in order to have the career that I want in the want to have in the future. I have aspirations
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When I 'm on the campus, I feel comfortable, like I 'm suppose to be there. I believe that I am comfortable there because the scenery is something I always wanted to be around. I love the sight nature and being at one with it. At Augustana there is plenty of open land and trees around. In addition to that I will get to see way more stars at Augustana than in Chicago. Furthermore, the people on the campus are extremely friendly and helpful, which fits me well because I am extremely friendly and will need a lot of help. During my college search I wanted to make sure the school I attend had classrooms that were small so I could get the one on one with the teacher that I need. According to US News, 62% Augustana classes have 20 student or less and 38% of classes have between 20 and 49 students in their class. Their classes are generally smaller than the classes I have at Epic or at any other colleges I got accepted to. I like how Augustana is more that 2 hours away from my house, just enough that I am away from home but can still come back for holidays and weekends if
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