Writing Skills: The Importance On Language And Learning Students

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1.1 Overview
Language is a way of expressing ideas and gives us the extraordinary ability to describe the contents of our thoughts. Familiarity with ways that help us to learn a language is very important. In the process of learning a Language many skills work together to create a link between a speaker and interlocutors. These skills generally taught and assessed in terms of the ‘four basic language skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. All language learners will need to develop their skills in each of these sections.
Although all four language skills are crucial for improving learners’ language competence in a second language, purpose of this study is focused on writing skills. According to Cumming (1998), “the word “writing” refers not only to text in written script but also to the acts of thinking, composing, and encoding language into such text; these acts also necessarily entail discourse interactions within a socio-cultural context”(p. 61). Moreover, writing is the way that you use written words to express your ideas or opinions (Merriam-Webster dictionary). According to Tompkins (1994), in the field of language learning and teaching, writing is a valuable learning tool that has many applications across the curriculum.
In sum, writing is an art that humans use it to put their thoughts, feelings, opinions, and words on paper. It is not only a simple process, but also a complicated and effortful process, including many

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