Year-Round School Schedule

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Schools around the world and in America are gradually changing to a year-round schedule (having school throughout the year with several three-week breaks) instead of having the traditional fall to spring schedule. People in favor of the year-round schedule support that you can keep previous info in your mind during your breaks and you can take constant breaks to relax. However, supporters of the traditional schedule say that students need to relax their minds to prepare for their next year. From personal experience, I think that students should have a year-round schedule with quarterly or holiday breaks. Experience aside, I think that the logical decision would be the chopped-up schedule. The best counter-argument to my opinion is …show more content…

As a student, I know that the first quarter of the year is used predominately for review. That’s way too much time! Throughout a fast-paced summer a student’s attention-span can be shortened by not having to sit in a classroom or sit down and do something productive, which can be pivotal to a student’s career or upcoming year. With shorter breaks, kids can become more self-aware of an organized daily schedule and probably won’t lose a portion of their attention span as they would in a longer break. I think that having a shorter break can benefit students in many …show more content…

If break is chopped up like this, students will get constant rest and relaxation to catch up on a healthy sleeping schedule. Children need to unwind after a long stressful period of time and doing this can only help. In addition, human need the most sleep in the first eighteen years of their life. In Peg Dawson’s article “More Proof Sleepy Teens Learn Less”, which was published in Education Digest (April 1, 2013) she states that, “Although research indicates that teens require at least as much sleep as they did as preteens (8.5 to 9.25 hours per night), under 15% of teens report that they sleep at least 8.5 hours on school nights, and over 25% report that they get less than 6.5 hours of sleep on school nights.” I don’t understand why school districts would want kids to test, do more work, and stay up late studying when they are fatigued, because students work efficiency plummets without a steady rest. Sleeping is the most important part of your day, and to be frank I don’t get much sleep every night because of homework and extra-curricular school activities. Kids need these breaks. I know it’s weird for a kid to be against summer, but I feel like these weeks off could potentially be more fun than a three-month break. By the end of summer, I usually feel tired of the nonstop fun and excitement, maybe this could be a fresh alternative. It can also have benefits such as keeping information and helping students’ health. Sometimes us kids need

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