7 Habits Profile Essay

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In my 7 habits profile, I discussed wanting to work on two habits for specific reasons. The two habits that I talked about working on are my P/PC balance, and habit three. I still want to work on these because they are important to my physical and mental wellbeing, which are both very important to me. I still want to take action on both of these because improving my health and having a healthy life is important to me. There are many benefits to having a healthy mind, including better relationships with most people, better mindsets and healthier body, and better impressions on people which could help with job interviews. The consequences of things remaining how they have been, as I have not made very much improvement since I created my profile, …show more content…

I classify my issue as personal health because in my 7 habits profile, both of the sets that I talked about improving can relate to personal health. I feel this is because the P/PC balance talks about balancing things in life which can lead to a healthier life, and with habit three I talked about letting go of things from the past. Letting go of things from the past can improve my health because it would be letting go of a stress factor. The resources that I will need to work on these issues include, but are not limited to, my phone to keep in contact with people, a planner to keep my days organized, and daily time to myself with no contact other people. Having my phone to keep in contact with people will allow me to keep my relationships in good standing, keeping my days organized will help to keep my priorities straight as I lose sight of what I want by getting distracted by the tv, and daily time to myself without contact to others will give me time to improve the thoughts running through my head in my own time. As everyone has weaknesses, there would be things that can keep me from achieving these things that I want in life. In my opinion, these weaknesses would be procrastinating and playing games, not drinking enough water, not eating, and watching

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