Advanced Competency Assessment (ACA)

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Here is a summary of the skills I am supposed to learn in the Master of Education in School Counseling program. The intention of the Advanced Competency Assessment (ACA) is basically "to educate and improve student performance" (p.1). The Program Learning Outcomes are joined with the School of Education Conceptual Framework that combines Knows-Implements-Believes specialties in the Advanced Competencies for the school counseling licensure program. Program learning outcomes also combine characters that should be observable in the individual. Including: Social responsibility – Commitment - Reflective Practice – Integrity - Professionalism (S-C-R-I-P). The foundations of this standard program require the individual to demonstrate the ability to…show more content…
The application of proper research findings to develop measurable outcomes for school counseling programs and interventions need to be mastered in this program. Also, is expected that the counselor works with parents, guardians, teachers, families, also peer programs and community resources to best act on behalf of their children. Focus on addressing problems that affect student’s performance in school. Leadership skills are also expected from School Counselors. The ability to demonstrate leadership qualities by accepting responsibility and valuable feedback to promote rational methods and professional and personal growth. School Counselors also need to have effective communication skills. For the last five years I helped families with a different background, culture, diversity, and most of them were crisis. I always had a dream to find a way to help them avoid so much pain in adulthood, and right then I decided to pursue my degree to become School Counselor because I strongly believe in early intervention, as we learn in the Holy Bible: “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” (Proverbs 22:6
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