Arguments To Use Celebrities In Advertising By Sue Jozui

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A lot of brands use celebrities in their advertisements to promote their products and make more money. Sue Jozui in her excerpt, addresses that we should boycott businesses that use celebrities to promote their products in advertisements because it’s misleading, and that there should be a law against it. Jozui supports her argument by giving examples of brands that use famous celebrities in their advertisements. She continues by emphasizing her argument and giving reasons for why they should be illegal. The author’s purpose is to persuade the audience to boycott businesses that use celebrities for advertising their brand. Jozui clarifies her argument in a persuasive manner for consumers. Celebrities should participate in advertisements if they want, because they have a right to and grabbing consumers attention is how companies gain profits. Some people might assume that the celebrities that are promoting a product might not even use that product, and that there is a possibility that it might not work. For example, just because Justin Bieber promoted Proactiv, doesn’t mean that he actually uses it to get rid of his acne. However, just because he is getting paid to say…show more content…
For example, if Bella Thorne did not advertise BooTea, then her fans would not have known that there is a tea brand that can help make your butt look better. Using celebrities to help promote products is how brands become popular, and it’s very efficient. It helps the celebrity and the brand become known and make more money. People have a right to start their own business and advertise it however they want, whether it’s on billboards, or a commercial during the Super Bowl, or on a game advertisement, or with the help of a celebrity. If a company chooses to put a famous figure on their cereal box or in one of their advertisements then they legally can, because it is an effective way to

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