Case Study On Customer Satisfaction

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Customer Satisfaction:
Satisfaction is the customer‘s fulfillment reaction. It is a judgment that a product or a service feature, or the product or service itself, provides a pleasing level of consumption – related, achievement. In technical terms, this definition can be translated to mean that satisfaction is the customers opinion of a product or service in. It is also important to know that, to measure the customer satisfaction at a particular point of time as if it were static.

Determinants of Customer Satisfaction:
Customer Satisfaction is influenced by exact product or service features and by opinion of quality. Satisfaction is also influenced by customers.

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It has come up with numerous variants and features which suits the choices and tastes and preferences of different consumers.

2. CUSTOMER EMOTIONS: Customer’s emotions can also affect their perceptions of satisfaction with products and services. These emotions can be steady, pre-existing emotions.

3. ATTRIBUTIONS FOR SERVICE SUCCESS OR FAILURE: Attributions – the apparent causes of events – influence perceptions of satisfaction as well. When they have been surprised by an outcome (the service is either much better or much worse than expected) consumers tend to look for the reasons, and their assessments of the reasons can influence their
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PERCEPTIONS OF EQUITY AND FAIRNESS: Customer satisfaction is also influenced by perceptions of equity and fairness. Customers ask themselves: have I been treated fairly compared to other customers? Did other customers get better treatment, better prices, or better quality service? Did I give a fair price for the service? Was I treated sound in exchange for what I paid and the effort I expended?
The Pricing strategy which is adopted by Fastrack is Market Share Maximization as they are targeting people with affordable cost range. They have watches from the range of 499 to more than 4000, so as to attract customers of lower segment to higher segment and this clearly shows that they are into capturing more of the market share than marketing profit or other strategies.
Fastrack always comes up with discount offers at good occasions to capture more market.
They also provide substitute offers, where old watch is replaced by new watch they provide a discount upto 40%.

5. OTHER CUSTOMERS, FAMLY MEMBERS AND CO-WORKERS: In addition to product and service features and one‘s own individual feelings and beliefs, consumer satisfaction is often influenced by other people like other customers, family members and

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