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About The Communities Of Cedar Park And Leander http://cedarparktx.us/ Just 17 miles from downtown Austin is the beautiful residential community of Cedar Park. Now the third largest city in the Austin area, Cedar Park is home to more than 65,000 residents and is a well-established community that was first founded in 1887. The city is attractive to residents from all over the world because of its close proximity to the Texas Hill County and Austin as well as its unique and charming way of life. Cedar Park is a community that is utterly beautiful. With more than 927 acres of parks and natural areas, the community of Cedar Park is able to highlight the natural beauty of the Lower Colorado River Lake System. With approximately 22 miles of usable…show more content…
Within minutes of entering the gorgeous residential community, it is easy to see why so many people are choosing to make Leander their home. Leander offers the best in Texas Hill Country living while remaining conveniently close to Austin and all of its metropolitan amenities. Leander boasts stunning scenic landscapes, abundant wildlife and clean waterways. The growing community is known for its fantastic quality of life, and is a popular choice for relocation in the greater Austin area. The fast growing suburb, considered a part of the Greater Austin Metropolitan Area, is home to more than 30,000 residents and is the fourth fastest-growing city in the state of Texas. Life In The Cedar Park And Leander Area Cedar Park and Leander are popular residential areas just north of Austin. These two communities have gained a great deal of momentum in residential land job growth over the past decade. The communities ' provide a quiet family-friendly area for residents of the Greater Austin Metropolitan area to settle down and enjoy life. Cedar Park is popular choice for settlement of residents in the Greater Austin Metropolitan Area as it is a city that encourages the core values of community, service, innovation, integrity, and fiscal responsibility. The core values of Cedar Park are an important part of the daily life for the city 's citizens, community leaders, and business…show more content…
From the Lakeline Mall & Alamo Drafthouse Theater to the The Texas Museum of Science and Technology, there is sure to be something to spark the imagination of both adults and children alike. http://cedarparktx.us/index.aspx?page=928 Sports lovers delight in living within the Cedar Park area. The fast-growing community is home to two professional sports teams: the Texas Stars and the Austin Spurs. Both teams are houses within the Cedar Park Center, a large City-owned facility. The multi-purpose venue may hold up to 8,700 guests and is host to more than 130 events every year. Cedar Park, Texas is also home to The Texas Museum of Science and Technology. The wonderful family-friendly facility offers up more than 30 interactive exhibits that are oriented around helping others understand the physics of light, sound, and color. Leander Attractions http://www.leandercc.org/Content/Attractions_and_Recreation/7331 Leander, Texas is also home to a number of fantastic attractions for those of all ages. From Leander 's Crystal Falls Golf Club to the Mason Ranch and Stage Coach House, there is much to explore in Leander for those of

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