Essay On Nursing Leadership

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Every nurse on a hospital floor is a leader in some way. There can be a charge nurse who leads the nurses within a given shift, but each nurse is a leader of the patients they are caring for as well as a leader to their coworkers to help and step in when they are needing assistance. As stated by Developing leadership in nursing: exploring core factors, “While it can be argued that there are many challenges confronting nurse leaders in the present time, it must be emphasized that leadership should not be viewed as an optional role or function for nurses” (Curtis, Vries, & Sheerin, 2011, p. 306). This expresses how nurses in any variety of settings will have the role of a leader, therefore a nurse must be aware of their own leadership abilities …show more content…

In the past I have been very strong when it comes to working with others and being able to maintain the needed professional relationship with them while also being a person to relate to and to be talked to if they are having any struggles physically or emotionally with the tasks that I have given them. I am easy and not intimidating to confront as and people have found me as being a good listener for them as I was their leader. I am very young and new to being a leader as I have been following those who have been teaching me the majority of my life. I believe that every aspect of my leadership skills can be improved, but what I believe that could be improved most is my ability to speak up more to the superior leaders to me when I am seeing consistent issues that could be addressed in another way. I have had leaders in the past that are far too intimidating and unwilling to listen making it hard for me to stand up and voice my opinion. I hope through this course and through my future years as a leader, I can work on this

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