Disadvantages Of E Commerce

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Electronic commerce, commonly written as E-Commerce or Ecommerce, is all about trading the goods and services using the computer, which requires internet or online social network. A person sitting at home on his chair in front of the desk top can makes use of all the facilities in buying and selling of the goods and services. Unlike the traditional method of going out to the market and physically exerting yourself, Ecommerce has made shopping easy these days.
Electronic commerce (e-commerce) has improved it efficiency and effectiveness in developing countries also.
It is not only dealing with customers, but rather the dealing with business to business has also become very easy which reduces the physical work and saves time. The most advantages point is that it is open for all 7 days and 24 hours without any barrier of time, you can order any time of the day or night online unlike the traditional method. In many cases e-commerce technologies lower the cost of production and distribution of goods and services. However, going online does not guarantee success if the businesses do not follow few rules and regulation and if the weak area and strengths are not carefully analyzed. In the past few years, the e-commerce world has experienced many successes and failures. At the same time, the number of goods and services sold online has also increased on a daily basis.

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