Reflective Essay: Do People Really Change?

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Do people really change? Going back to 2014, I was in grade 10 and I just changed schools. In my old school, I was always the excellent student and I was known for my good grades. That’s why I was really upset about changing schools. It was an immense adjustment for me as this was the first time that I transferred to a new school. So, this is the story of how I was a negligent person who became a caring person. On the 29th of September, I started my first day with a quiet demeanor that showed everyone that I was nervous and shy. It was not really a first day for everyone as I started two weeks after the students. Everyone was kind and welcoming that I felt that I was in the school for a long time. Also, my homeroom teacher assigned me to one of my classmates to show me around. I…show more content…
I would have helped if I could,” she said concerned about me. “you were a very good student what happened?” I did not know what to say so I cried and told her the truth. That every time I sit for a test I end up failing it because I do not study enough. She comforted me telling me that I can do better next term but I ended up with the same grades as the previous term. Thus, my mother decided that I will change my school the next year so for me to transfer I had to really work hard in the last term, term 3, so I can get accepted as an 11th grader.
For the next two months that was left of the school year, I stayed up late to study and went to my teachers to seek help. I was eager to show everyone that I can pass this school year. After the two months, I sat for my final exams. I was so nervous and afraid of failing that I will stop my exam for a few minutes to just focus again. When I got my final report card I discovered that I passed each final exam and I was so thrilled. The next year in 11th grade, I worked hard from the start and achieved really high grades and knew that if I wanted something I had to work hard for
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