Essay On Ownership Of Learning

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1. Explain what the phrase “taking ownership of your learning” means to you.
Students who take ownership of learning make plans and establish study aims by themselves. They know the correct method of learning and they have ability to develop their own values by exerting their abilities fully through their learning process without any external stimulus. They are greatly influenced by the factors affecting learning and they set up the optimum conditions for the self-paced learning and remove obstacles that interfere with the learning. For example, they find a way to overcome the obstacles even if the surroundings are noisy or teacher is teaching poorly. They know their strengths and weakness very well to achieve their intended purposes. To summarize
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The goal of reminder is to take the initiative to get involved in all activities in learning. Similarly, learning without the educational goals and monitoring your own progress never motivates you and may lose interest in learning. By setting a personal educational goal, it allows you to focus on learning and develop new areas of talent and interest as well.
• Is self-motivated to learn and understand; not only driven by grades or external praise.
I was motivated to get higher grades only rather than finding an interest in learning. I was excited to learn in the first week; I felt too much pressure to finish the huge amount of works with studies afterwards. Therefore, I will try to plan systematically to enjoy completing each step of a plan and this plan will help me become a self-motivated learner.
• Pushes him/herself to think deeper about issues and draw connections to their personal, academic, and professional lives.
I learned about management systems from the business class; I actually applied knowledge to my subordinates. I always think about what I have learned and try to apply my knowledge to personal life. A constant thinking leaded to act and it was so delightful to apply my knowledge directly whenever I learn something
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