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Developing a Tourism Marketing Strategy
The task assigned-
An international tourism marketing consultant tasked with writing a report to help better put a tourism destination on the map in the UK market. This destination could be a town/city/region or country inside the EU or further afield, and you may already be broadly familiar with your destination’s qualities and attractions.

The Destination chosen for strategy development for this study- Delhi, Country – India.

For development of a successful marketing strategy, it needs the analysis of the decision making behavior of the customer.

How the customer chose a decision for a visit and what does he looks into the destination and what are the factors influencing the choice of destination?

In the discussion paper - Travel Behavior and Value analysis in the Context of Vacation Destination and Travel Mode Choices: A European Union Case Study written and researched by Jeffrey LaMondia, Tara Snell and Chandra R. Bhat, they describes that various factors influence the decision making and choice of destination for a tourist.
Few of the factors influencing the choice of destination:
- Nationality of the traveler - Char
- Traveller characteristic i.e. traveller companionship and demographics
- Holiday Travel Preferences and Perceptions - The
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Cultural factors of the tourism destination. Delhi has both a mix culture of modern and old fashion. The tolerance of exposure of body is variable in different parts of the city. The exposure of body is not well tolerated in the old Delhi area because of influence of Islamic traditions but it is well tolerated in the New Delhi area. Indians can also be found roaming in the New Delhi area with scantily clad clothing. So, person visiting the area, particularly females must be careful in their attires and exposures during their visits to a specified location. This is also an added advantage for the tourist as it provides them experience of varied culture at single

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