Explain The Features Of Inclusive Teaching And Learning

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Name: Gillian Douglass

Assignment 1. Understand inclusive teaching and learning approaches in education.
1.1 Describe features of inclusive teaching and learning
You are to complete an essay describing the features of inclusive teaching and learning (400 words minimum)
Following on from my previous essay which laid out the various differences that learners can have, both in terms of their learning style, any learning difficulties they may have, whether English is their second language, as well as any challenges they may face in terms of finances, transport, and mobility, it is important to create an inclusive teaching and learning environment which acknowledges people’s differences and allows them to participate in a meaningful way so that …show more content…

If the learners are primarily kinaesthetic learners, for example, it may be more appropriate to model the correct way of doing something and then to ask the learners to demonstrate their knowledge and for the trainer to complete a written assessment. Sometimes, teaching and learning material is not set at the right level for the learners, and they may find themselves not engaging because the material is either too difficult or too easy. It is, therefore, important to assess learners’ abilities before learning takes place. This might be something as simple as asking learners to tell me what previous experience they have and making some adjustments to the material or …show more content…

These skills will enable them to flourish and enhance their lives by giving them the ability to access new information, develop relationships, and make recordkeeping easier for them and those reading their reports. Students wanting to progress their learning will also find it easier to undertake higher education and to progress their careers, and to become responsible citizens if they have a good grasp of these

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